but wait...before you learn all the dating skills...
you gotta believe
that you 
can meet
someone amazing
get into the mindset for dating, 
gear up to feel attractive, 
and BELIEVE that you have the possibility of finding someone!
the mindset shift you need
to know you're worthy!
Scarcity Sensation
Discover the mindset problem that keeps you with emotionally unavailable guys who refuse to be seen with you in public.
Phat Photos
How to take new pictures after you've gained 60 pounds.
Intentional Mindset
How to overcome the procrastination that keeps you from jumping in.
Am I Invisible?
Discover why you're being ignored when you go out (spoiler alert: it's not because of your size).
I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts!
Discover the secret to dealing with people who start chatting with you --and just stop with no explanation.
Move-On Mindset
How to navigate unsolicited nudes, name calling, and the lack of human decency in online dating.
Curvy Cupid's mindset work helped me get ready to meet someone who was in the same place as me, a good person, a kind person, and I was pro-active, and it’s weird how everything worked out! 
Curvy Cupid Student who Met Her Husband!
I'm loving this course!! I've been stuck in a rut since getting dumped a few months ago but this is helping me think of the future!!
Mindset for Dating Student!
I made it through about 4 days of the course before meeting someone amazing on OKC; we're now in an exclusive relationship and enjoying every minute. Thank you so much!
Plus-Size Dating Starter Course Student who Met Her Partner!
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